Our Culture is Community

We are a community of people living life together. We are friends and neighbors and good samaritans, spread all around the Miami Valley. We are a contemporary, non-denominational church with a locally-focused mission to positively influence our region by showing the love of Jesus Christ to our community.

We are committed to delivering a relevant, compelling and challenging presentation of God's truth.

Real Love

Lots of churches say they love you just how you are. But they don't. They love you, as long as you're trying hard to be just like them.

We love all of you—even if you have flaws, tattoos, addictions, compulsions and imperfections. At Spirit Life we really love you.

We accept you for who you are, right where you are.



Spirit Life Church meets Sunday mornings at 10:30. Services typically last about an hour.

We have a dynamic children's department where kids from all walks of life will be comfortable, have fun and learn about God. Click here to learn more.

Website Under Construction

You may have noticed our site is going through some changes.

As much as we'd like it to be, this usually isn't an entirely smooth process so please bear with us and, more importantly, report any mistakes or bugs you encounter to glitch@spiritlifechurch.us