People of Like Faith

Christianity can be extremely difficult to understand for those in the church and outside the church. There are so many streams of doctrine, liturgy, denominations, personal experience and the crazy thing about all it is, everyone thinks their truth reigns supreme. Instead of accepting men and women in the faith as brothers and sisters, we spend time arguing with each other.

I have to believe the Holy Spirit helps us all. Jesus said no one could reach the father except through him. Have you ever considered if there are many ways to Jesus? Could a loving God grade so harshly? Could he leave no margin for grace? Will everyone who doesn’t believe like us be separate from God? The Bible says the voice of God is like many waters. Does that mean God speaks to people in different ways, times and places?

And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was coming from the way of the east. And His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory.
1 Peter 1:1

Christianity needs to take a long look at our history. Mistakes made, human rights violations and a host of atrocities carried out in the name Christ. We have been divided so long we don’t know how to respect and love one another.

The first thing we do when meeting someone of faith, is to find out what stream they’re in. Things such as how we baptize, gifts of the spirit, sacraments, observances, rituals and whatever else. In the eyes of the unchurched, it must appear as though no one knows whats up.

Catholics observe lent, Protestants ask why? Pentecostals speak in tongues, baptist don’t believe that’s of God. Well I guess that depends on what type baptist. Lets see, 1st, 2nd, freewill, hardshell, united, southern, independent and whole host of others. These are just a few of the baptist organizations. Not picking on the baptist. Many church movements look the same.

The bottom line, God is sovereign and just. Not according to our traditions, Ideology or personal beliefs.


Simon Peter, a bond-servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours, by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ
1 Peter 1:1

– KV

Being Human

I remember when I was young Lynard Skynard recorded the song give me back my bullets, put em back where they belong. I knew the words but not the meaning of them. Now at 51 I’m just beginning to get what Ronnie must have been feeling when he sang that tune.

Life can be a real challenge. Sometimes it seems as though it’s more trouble than it’s worth. To many days to count I’ve thought I don’t want to be in this world anymore. The hard part is not dying that’s easy, the hard part is living…

Like everyone I’ve had big dreams, you know the kind that transcends the place your standing and drops you off somewhere really special. It seems like time and circumstance have a way to pound those dreams out of you. We begin to settle for a life much different than we had anticipated.

Everyone likes to think that their a good person and people love and respect them in spite of their humanity. Well, welcome to the real world. I’ve learned you can’t do enough good to make up for all the hell you’ve created, at least in the eyes of some people. The self righteous “Christians” who fill the world with their judgmentalism and lack of human compassion, all in the name of Jesus.

I have tried to give grace and mercy to everyone I meet. I don’t want to judge anyone because I’m not God…..for the record I’m not the devil either. Maybe you should ask my family about the devil thing they might have a different opinion. If you truly want to know someone don’t ask their co-workers or friends, ask the wives and husbands, the children and family. We can all put on a good show for the select few. At the end of the day our real friends and family know the real you.

To sum this epistle up, I don’t share posts to get a following or build a support base. The simplicity of it all, I would like to think I can do a little good and relieve some of the internal pain and shame that I feel 24/7. I don’t mind when people judge me and say whatever they have to say, I’m grown, I can take it. What grieves my soul beyond measure is when people attack me and it causes my family to come to my defense.

Someone told me the other day, you ain’t nothing but a drunk… for the record, I’ve struggled with alcohol addiction for years. Some years I win and some I lose. To clear everything up, I’m not just a drunk, I’m a father, husband, brother, uncle, cousin and a person who loves people and hates himself at the same time.

If people want to try and destroy me because of my issues, I guess I have it coming. What I cannot live with is people who are so ugly and say incredibility mean things, never considering those that will be affected. We live in a very different time, I loved the little place I grew up in. The people and community, the lives shared and the roads traveled. The world has become a very different place…..the Internet and Facebook give people an audience for their bullshit…

Give me back my bullets, put em back where they belong…

If I go , it will be by my own hand not by another. Everyone who thinks they have ammunition to hurt me with….I just went public with my struggles, so if that doesn’t make some of the haters back off…than I guess you can kiss my corn bread eatin’ hillbilly ass…

If you find this offensive I guess just unfriend me because were not friends to begin with!

Understanding Acceptance

Is God misunderstood or simply misrepresented?

Christians seem to be becoming increasingly judgmental and reclusive, narrowing the number of people they deem worthy of love and acceptance. If we use the bible as a license to condemn others, than we truly do not understand the words and teachings of Christ.

Jesus came to pay the price for sin. His sacrifice satisfied Gods anger towards mankind and made us all the eternal focus of HIS love, grace and mercy.

If we understand God, than we love. If we do not love someone because of our differences, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or whatever the excuse, than we simply don’t understand the nature of God. If we claim to be Christians and refuse to love, then we are misrepresenting God. We learn early in our faith that God loved the world and that that’s why he sent his son.

What part of Gods world are you willing to love? Will you represent God? Will your character be loving or unloving? Will you drop the excuses for your prejudice? We can all find reasons to be fearful, especially with things we don’t understand, but can we decide to love and accept those that do not fit in our ideological view of God and the world?

We have to stop defending our right to be prejudice, in the name of God. And find reasons to show the love of God to our fellow man.

– K


Ken speaks weekly at Spirit Life Church.