Synergy Thursdays

Synergy Thursdays

Starting Thursday, November 9, we will be having a new gathering on Thursday nights. This will not be another religious exercise that leaves you wanting, rather, Synergy is a new weekly event that aims to enrich your mind, body and soul.

  • Each week we will incorporate strength training
  • yoga
  • chair massages
  • karaoke
  • and free community meals for the hungry.

A final schedule of events has not been decided on but next Thursday, November 9th we will be having karaoke and strength training.

Once synergy is in full swing it will be designed to enrich your life and be an outreach to our community. Email for questions and details.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

I Am My Brothers Keeper

The heroin and opioid epidemic that has attacked our nation and what's more alarming is that much of the problem is due to our very own healthcare and pharmaceutical system. When it comes to this illness we must be diligent and utilize all of the tools at our disposal

Naloxone Training
Join Us Sunday, December 3rd and/or Thursday, November 2 at 4:30 to get free training in Narcan® administration. Sessions are free and who knows, taking that 30-45 minutes of time to learn about this medication may lead to saving a life someday.

That's why Spirit Life Church is partnering with DAWN, a community-based overdose education and naloxone distribution program, to bring Narcan® to the Piqua area. Our community is suffering and otherwise bright futures are being destroyed by a drug culture that has largely been stigmatized by the media, our cities and even Christians.

No more. There is hope for heroin and we want to be a part of the life-saving solution. No more will we bicker about the merits of saving our fellow human being. Few families have remained untouched by this issue.

Deaths are rising at an alarming rate. Even more disheartening is that an increasing proportion of these deaths are accidental overdoses due to more powerful drugs being used in heroin preparation. In fact, overdose deaths from narcotic drugs has more than doubled in our state since 2012. This is illustrated in the following figure.

Narcotic Deaths on the Rise
Your Humanity Demands Action

No doubt the solution to our nations opioid appetite will be multi-faceted and complex, employing many different points of view and camps of thought and it will require a plurality of people and professionals to solve this dilemma.

The pandemeic of opioid and opiate addiction has grown at an alarming rate over the past decade. Recently Naloxone, a proprietary adrenaline injector similar to an Epipen has joined our box of tools and is proving an effective, life saving treatment for heroin overdoses.

While many criticize these "junkies" evidence overwhelmingly shows that when combined with an appropriate treatment program the use of Naloxone and as a life saving measure, combined with therapy and enrollment in a substance abuse program are extremely effective against this very habit-forming drug.

The story is all too common. Due to misleading pharmaceutical advertisements in the 1990s and early 200s Oxycontin and other narcotic pain killers were touted as safe, effective and non-habit forming.

This is why so many addicts started out as patients. We failed these individuals as a society and it would show a gross lack of moral-responsibility to assume that both the pharmaceutical companies and society at large should not be responsible for helping save lives.

These lives were destroyed by a misrepresentation of the addictive potential of a widely written prescription following relatively routine medical procedures and surgeries.

Lend a Hand

There are lots of ways you can help support our mission. First off, get certified and trained to administer Noloxone to the growing number of heroin and related narcotic ODs.

A Project Dawn representative will be with us on Sunday, December 3, during the normal 11:00 morning gathering time.

Plan to be there so you can be trained in this life saving technology and then volunteer at one of our outreaches and lend a shoulder for the cause: your fellow man

Give online to help support our hot meal program and Naloxone treatment coordination.

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve Service

In lieu of our traditional Sunday morning service, this year Spirit Life Church will be having Christmas Service on Saturday, December 24th at 5pm

During this special season of love, forgiveness and togetherness, remember to nourish your soul with uplifting music and a challenging talk from our pastor.

Get ready for a true spiritual encounter in a non-traditional, non-judgmental environment.

Christmas Give

christmas give campaign

As in years before, we will be collecting donations to buy bulk food, toys and clothing to support local children’s charities.

Please bring your donations of toys, clothes and food.

You can also support the Christmas Give Campaign financially by clicking the give button to the right.


Community Hog Fest

Community Hog Fest

Come join us at Spirit Life Church as we have a community day. Enjoy friends, food, and live music!

There will be a beer garden for adults over twenty one as well as a representative from our life recovery group for those of us who enjoy beer gardens a little too much.

Live music from Darcy Tontonos, fellowship and fun.

50/50 Raffle

One lucky person will get 50% of the entire prize and the other half will go to the church to help fund community events

You will be emailed a receipt with your ticket number which will be entered into the random drawing the number of times you select from the form.

You must be present to win


Adults: $8
Includes Fresh BBQ pork sandwich, baked beans, choice of potato salad or macaroni salad, a bag of chips and two cookies.

Children: $5
Includes a hot dog, choice of chips, macaroni and cheese and two cookies.

Gift Basket Raffles

Ohio State Basket
Dimitri’s BBQ Rib Dinner
Family Movie Night Basket
Gift Basket Raffle tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6.

For the Kids


There will be carnival games, jump houses, face painting, cotton candy and a petting zoo


Faith That’s Tried

1 Peter 1:7
These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.

I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy. This tendency has no doubt served me in many ways but in some ways, it sets me up for defeat. For example, when I decide to get on a health kick, I go all out—radical changes to my diet, an hour of cardio a day, gym memberships complete with the latest in work-out apparel, etc. Unfortunately, going from couch potato to triathlete in a week is impossible and attempting such a regimen quickly left me burned out time and again.

So this January I took a new approach. I began implementing small changes into my lifestyle. Things such as starting the day with push-ups or cutting fried foods out of my diet. Small things that only took a little discipline. Not only was it easier to stick with, but when I started to gain small victories in my physical life I found it easier to incrementally build on them. No one has the discipline to go from zero to hero overnight, but if you take exercise the discipline you have to accomplish a small goal, it will grow and soon you’ll be amazed by what you’re capable of. Building discipline in this way is a lot like building faith.

Much like physical exercise strengthens our muscular system and provides us with greater confidence in our physical abilities, the testing and trying of our faith in Christ strengthens our spirits and leaves us with a greater confidence and trust in God’s providence over our lives. Faith that is untried and untested may be true faith, but it is certain to be little faith and will remain so without proper trials.

Throughout my Christian walk I’ve found that faith never prospers so well as when all things seem to be against us. It is when all options are removed that we have the opportunity to wholly trust God. Every believer trusts God to some degree, but it is when the flesh has no confidence in the things of this world that our spirit is free to make a truly powerful connection with the Lord. It is faith that makes this connection and it is faith that grows up in the face of adversity.

In Mark 11 Christ told us that we are to place our faith in God and then we could say to a mountain be removed and cast into the sea and it would obey us. What a powerful picture Jesus has painted for us here. The real power is not found in us, but in the object of our faith which is the Christ the Lord. Our faith in God releases the grace of God which delivers the results we are desparate for. Mountain moving faith depends on absolute confidence in the creator. This is the kind of trust that can only be built in trial fires throughout our Christian walk.

Unfortunately there are many incorrect concepts and doctrines being taught on the subject of faith. I’ve seen men take credit for acts of God based on their own faith. I have also seen people condemned because of their lack of faith. Jesus is our eternal example of redeemed humanity, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and having faith in God. Faith simply builds our divine confidence in God and keeps us properly connected to Him.

Remember that the trying of your faith is working to your benefit and not your detriment. Stay focused on the big picture in your time of need and you will realize that your faith has grown, your need was met, and Jesus is Lord of all.

God Bless.

– Ps. Ken


Ken speaks weekly at Spirit Life Church. Visit the Spirit Life Church website to learn more about Ps. Ken and listen to his messages online.

Church Unity

There are many books written on the topic and in fact, much of what we read in the New Testament deals with the harmony between the brethren. We are instructed to love, pray for and even serve one another. Though this seems simple enough in theory, the practical application is much harder. Still, maintaining relational, theological and even philosophical unity is imperative to be successful in working together to fulfill God’s great commission. We don’t have to universally agree, but there is a set of unanimity that must be preserved in order for a church to walk together and build together. Unity is the most important asset for a team and must be preserved at all costs! When there is disunity, it must be dealt with. This brings about the question of church discipline and how it should be administered.

Church discipline is an ecclesiastical function that is mandated by the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20. This responsibility was given originally to the Apostles and continues today, falling upon the shoulders of Senior Elders.

This come under the doctrine of spiritual authority. I am not exempting eldership from correction and I do not believe that true spiritual authority creates hierarchies and citizenship structures—the catch with true spiritual authority is that it cannot be exercised beyond a believers willingness to receive it. There is no physical infrastructure to enforce the authority of God’s word like there is with the laws of this nation via the police and the criminal justice system. Whether or not a resolution takes place is up to the individual’s willingness to receive from the leader.

The Purpose of Church Discipline

First, church discipline should seek the restoration and reconciliation of the believer who is going astray. Going astray doesn’t necessarily mean open sin, though it absolutely applies to sinfulness. It can boil down to believers with inappropriate motives and bad attitudes that can affect and infect the entire church if it is not dealt with. As a shepherd this cannot and will not be tolerated. As I already stated, unity is the single greatest asset a group or team can possess and we must protect it.

There is always room for dissent and disagreement in our church but we must go about resolving these issues in a Biblical, loving manner. The good news is that if this is the focus of our actions, most issues can be handled easily. If we have a loving, trusting relationship there shouldn’t be anything we can’t work through! The bad news is that if this isn’t carried out, disagreements and misunderstandings can become toxic and spread to others, provoking offense and hurt feelings that really should never have arisen.

Revelation 12:10 exposes Satan as the accuser of the brethren and I believe it is accusation, not temptation, that is his most potent weapon against us. Satan accuses us and he accuses others in our minds. In no time at all a simple difference of opinion can escalate to full fledged bitterness. Instead of trying to reconcile we find ourselves building a mental case against a friend or leader, preparing for some kind of impending show-down and recruiting alliances across the group. The bottom line is that it never has to go this far and if we could step back from a situation and carry ourselves like mature believers, it wouldn’t!

And so, church discipline cannot be ignored. It must be undertaken in love, but undertaken nonetheless. Frustration, offense and bitterness are all signs of a troubled soul that left unattended, have the potential to do great harm to the unity of a local assembly, potentially even leading the individuals into sin. I know of no ministry that enjoys this particular function of the priesthood, but it is an integral part of spiritual growth. In order to have a Godly church there must be a standard upheld by the entire local assembly. There must be a willingness to seek God and an openness to redirection when necessary.

The Theology of Church Discipline

1) When conflict or sin has come between people, the goal is repentance and reconciliation, along with recompense, if needed.

2) Church leadership must be committed to the reputation of the Gospel and the well-being of the entire church, not just the interests of the individuals who are disgruntled or sinful.

3) Such matters in the church are entrusted to Christian leadership, namely the elders of a local assembly. Leaders must be careful not to abuse in any way the responsibility to oversee the unity of a fellowship of believers. In some situations there may arise an impasse, where people reject the counsel of leadership. This is a situation that must be followed by quick repentance and heart-change in order to preserve fellowship. Open discord is the antithesis of church unity and cannot be allowed to persist if the integrity of the work of God in that local church is to be maintained.

4) Discipline is never pleasant but the finished work will be a unified group of holy people, distinguished clearly from the world by possessing the heart of Christ.

5) For the truth to emerge, the elders must hear firsthand reports from all sides in the dispute before a decision can be reached.

6) Witnesses should be present in any dispute but the most important person to have present, is the one you’re offended with. If you’re qualm is with Brother Jones, why would you talk to Sister Clara about it? Grab a leader, sit down with Brother Jones and work it out! Our shared faith creates this enormous common ground upon which to build a solution—it pains me that we so often turn to school yard antics in the face of conflict.

7) The fellowship of the church is commanded by scripture. God’s people must be reminded that unrepentant sin and unnecessary division are unacceptable to a Holy God. We must look at sin—our own sin and that of others—in the light of God’s grace, forgiving one another and committing to allow Him to help us all grow.

Scripture references: Romans 16:17-18, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15, 1 Corinthians 5:13, 1 Corinthians 14:40, 2 Corinthians 2:7, Revelation 2:2, 1 Peter 5:1-5, Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 16:32, Proverbs 17:27, Acts 15, 2 Timothy 2:14-26, 2 Timothy 1:4-7; 2 Timothy 4:1-8.

Everyone has a choice regarding where they will attend church and with which local assembly they will serve. If the place you serving is not to your liking or you do not respect and trust the leadership, by all means exercise your free will and move on, but don’t allow the enemy to cause you to become an accuser. We only have a short time to labor.

– Ps. Ken


Ken is the pastor of Spirit Life Church in Piqua, Ohio. Check out the church website for sermons and more!

New Music Posted

SLC Worships

If you haven’t checked it out already, head over to the media page at and check out live recordings of our Sunday morning worship services. Each week our services feature vibrant, live music from a rotating group of extremely talented musicians.

Recently posted services include music from worship leaders Darcy Tontonoz, Jason McIntosh and Cory Kizziar.

Stay tuned for guest musicians and special events coming soon.


Click here to listen to our music online.

Go! Children’s Ministry Update

Go! Children’s Ministry Update from Lynne Focht for Spring 2014:

The staff and team members of GO! Children’s Ministry are excited to serve your family by providing quality Sunday School classes. Each week we strive to cultivate an environment where your children are safe, happy, and engaged in learning and activities.

“GO!” stands for “loving God, loving Others” and we try to instill these two main principles into everything we do.

Mark your calendars for the following important dates coming up over the coming Spring weeks:

Children’s Ministry Pizza Party (during regular service)
Sunday March 30th

As an incentive for attending Sunday School, the GO! kids have been adding links to a paper chain, with the promise of a pizza party when it reaches the front of the church. They are excited to watch it grow and have been looking forward to the party for some time.

GO Children’s Ministry Meeting
Sunday April 6th

This carry-in meeting will be held in the café following the morning gathering. It is a great opportunity to join our enthusiastic team of volunteers! If you have a heart for kids and can make a once-a-month commitment, you might be just the role model we are looking for! Help make a difference in the life of a GO! kid this season!

Candy Collection
For Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

We are once again planning a spectacular Easter Egg hunt for the children and can use your help in our “Candy Drive.” We would gratefully appreciate your donations of candy or other small trinkets to fill our plastic eggs. We will be able to take donations until April 13th!

You Can Help!

If you are interested in helping with any of the above events, or have any questions or suggestions regarding the children’s department, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or by cell at 937-418-4413.

Thank you for the privilege of looking after your children!


Go! is the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church.

The Christmas Give Campaign

Merry Christmas Spirit Life Church!

Help us share some love this Christmas season! The Christmas Give Campaign provides food and presents to area families. This year, Spirit Life will once again be distributing formula, baby food, diapers, bulk food items and other necessities to area mothers via the React Center in Springfield, Ohio.

In addition, we will be sharing presents for children of various ages via local area charities. This is one way we are trying to give love to our community.

Here’s how you can help:
1) Take an ornament from the Give baskets located near the tree in the main gathering area. Bring an appropriate present and place it under the Christmas tree in the main gathering area before Sunday, December 22nd.
2) If you’re too busy to go shopping, you can donate via our Online Giving Center.

So get inspired, feel the love and join in—let’s make a difference in our community this Christmas and be generous, gracious givers, like our heavenly father has been towards us:

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32-33.

If you would like more information about how you can help, email to or talk with a concierge at one of our corporate gatherings.

Go! Kids Movie Night

Go! Kids Movie Night and Pizza Party

Go! Children’s Ministry is happy to offer a fun-filled night for the kids of Spirit Life Church.

Drop off the kids for the evening and finish up your last minute Christmas shopping or just enjoy a quiet evening at home. Whatever you choose to do with the evening, don’t miss out on this opportunity for free babysitting in a positive, fun environment.

Your kids will be treated to a movie, pizza, games and crafts from 5 to 8Pm on Friday, December 20th.

Sign-up in the Go! Children’s ministry from now until the weekend before the event.


Who: Go! Kids
What: Movie night and pizza party.
Where: Go! Children’s Ministry at Spirit Life Church.
When: Friday, December 20 from 5 to 8Pm.
Contact: If you have a question about the Go! movie night, email or just post a comment on this blog post.


Go! is the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church. Click here for more information.