Synergy Thursdays

Synergy Thursdays

Starting Thursday, November 9, we will be having a new gathering on Thursday nights. This will not be another religious exercise that leaves you wanting, rather, Synergy is a new weekly event that aims to enrich your mind, body and soul.

  • Each week we will incorporate strength training
  • yoga
  • chair massages
  • karaoke
  • and free community meals for the hungry.

A final schedule of events has not been decided on but next Thursday, November 9th we will be having karaoke and strength training.

Once synergy is in full swing it will be designed to enrich your life and be an outreach to our community. Email for questions and details.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

I Am My Brothers Keeper

The heroin and opioid epidemic that has attacked our nation and what's more alarming is that much of the problem is due to our very own healthcare and pharmaceutical system. When it comes to this illness we must be diligent and utilize all of the tools at our disposal

Naloxone Training
Join Us Sunday, December 3rd and/or Thursday, November 2 at 4:30 to get free training in Narcan® administration. Sessions are free and who knows, taking that 30-45 minutes of time to learn about this medication may lead to saving a life someday.

That's why Spirit Life Church is partnering with DAWN, a community-based overdose education and naloxone distribution program, to bring Narcan® to the Piqua area. Our community is suffering and otherwise bright futures are being destroyed by a drug culture that has largely been stigmatized by the media, our cities and even Christians.

No more. There is hope for heroin and we want to be a part of the life-saving solution. No more will we bicker about the merits of saving our fellow human being. Few families have remained untouched by this issue.

Deaths are rising at an alarming rate. Even more disheartening is that an increasing proportion of these deaths are accidental overdoses due to more powerful drugs being used in heroin preparation. In fact, overdose deaths from narcotic drugs has more than doubled in our state since 2012. This is illustrated in the following figure.

Narcotic Deaths on the Rise
Your Humanity Demands Action

No doubt the solution to our nations opioid appetite will be multi-faceted and complex, employing many different points of view and camps of thought and it will require a plurality of people and professionals to solve this dilemma.

The pandemeic of opioid and opiate addiction has grown at an alarming rate over the past decade. Recently Naloxone, a proprietary adrenaline injector similar to an Epipen has joined our box of tools and is proving an effective, life saving treatment for heroin overdoses.

While many criticize these "junkies" evidence overwhelmingly shows that when combined with an appropriate treatment program the use of Naloxone and as a life saving measure, combined with therapy and enrollment in a substance abuse program are extremely effective against this very habit-forming drug.

The story is all too common. Due to misleading pharmaceutical advertisements in the 1990s and early 200s Oxycontin and other narcotic pain killers were touted as safe, effective and non-habit forming.

This is why so many addicts started out as patients. We failed these individuals as a society and it would show a gross lack of moral-responsibility to assume that both the pharmaceutical companies and society at large should not be responsible for helping save lives.

These lives were destroyed by a misrepresentation of the addictive potential of a widely written prescription following relatively routine medical procedures and surgeries.

Lend a Hand

There are lots of ways you can help support our mission. First off, get certified and trained to administer Noloxone to the growing number of heroin and related narcotic ODs.

A Project Dawn representative will be with us on Sunday, December 3, during the normal 11:00 morning gathering time.

Plan to be there so you can be trained in this life saving technology and then volunteer at one of our outreaches and lend a shoulder for the cause: your fellow man

Give online to help support our hot meal program and Naloxone treatment coordination.

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve Service

In lieu of our traditional Sunday morning service, this year Spirit Life Church will be having Christmas Service on Saturday, December 24th at 5pm

During this special season of love, forgiveness and togetherness, remember to nourish your soul with uplifting music and a challenging talk from our pastor.

Get ready for a true spiritual encounter in a non-traditional, non-judgmental environment.

Christmas Give

christmas give campaign

As in years before, we will be collecting donations to buy bulk food, toys and clothing to support local children’s charities.

Please bring your donations of toys, clothes and food.

You can also support the Christmas Give Campaign financially by clicking the give button to the right.


Community Hog Fest

Community Hog Fest

Come join us at Spirit Life Church as we have a community day. Enjoy friends, food, and live music!

There will be a beer garden for adults over twenty one as well as a representative from our life recovery group for those of us who enjoy beer gardens a little too much.

Live music from Darcy Tontonos, fellowship and fun.

50/50 Raffle

One lucky person will get 50% of the entire prize and the other half will go to the church to help fund community events

You will be emailed a receipt with your ticket number which will be entered into the random drawing the number of times you select from the form.

You must be present to win


Adults: $8
Includes Fresh BBQ pork sandwich, baked beans, choice of potato salad or macaroni salad, a bag of chips and two cookies.

Children: $5
Includes a hot dog, choice of chips, macaroni and cheese and two cookies.

Gift Basket Raffles

Ohio State Basket
Dimitri’s BBQ Rib Dinner
Family Movie Night Basket
Gift Basket Raffle tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6.

For the Kids


There will be carnival games, jump houses, face painting, cotton candy and a petting zoo


Laughing Gals Yoga

The following is a guest blog by Cheryl Stripling Wyatt, who is graciously leading Yoga classes Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Spirit Life Church.

When Yoga found me…
…my life was hectic
…my stress level was high
…my mind was busy
…my body felt stiff with aches and pains

Does this sound like any of you? Discovering Yoga was the gate that opened my awareness to the potential of finding the inner peace and solitude that allowed me to ‘slow down’. Through yoga I have learned, and continue to learn each day, the roles that my mind and body share in my day to day activities. Yoga has allowed me to put life’s daily grind into perspective. I have learned to quite my mind so that I can bring awareness to my divine internal voice instead of listening to the static filled world around me.

Most people identify yoga with the pictures of people in contorted positions on the front of yoga magazines. This only represents a small, and might I add, extreme illusion of what yoga truly is. In reality, Yoga is a four layer process of:

  • Physical – What most people practice for
  • Physiological: Internal reflection
  • Connection: Recognizing our connection to the outside world
  • Spiritual: Very personal

What Yoga IS NOT:

Chili Cook Off

Hey Chili Cooks!

Get ready to bring it, Saturday, January 19, at the Spirit Life Church Chili Cookoff, presented by The Laughing Gals.

Dust off your recipe books and bring your best chili for a chance to win. There will be exciting prizes for the top three entries!

Please bring drinks to share, Spirit Life Church will be providing the crackers, bread, cornbread muffins, cheese, etc., etc., etc.

Get ready for a great time with the Spirit Life Church community! For more info about the laughing gals see a concierge at one of our services our use our >a href=”/contact/”>contact form here.


Who: You!
What: Spirit Life Church Chili Cook Off—sponsored by The Laughing Gals, a women’s life group at Spirit Life Church.
Where: The main gathering area at Spirit Life Church.
When: Saturday, January 19, at 6Pm.
Contact: If you have a question about the Chili Cook Off, email or just post a comment on this blog post.

Valentine’s Dinner for Two

It’s a couples round-up, Spirit Life!

Mofia proudly presents the second Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two!

This western-themed event will feature country music, line dancing, Dimitri’s famous ribs and a movie. All for only $30 per couple.

Even better, the proceeds from this event go to support Mofia, the student ministry of Spirit Life Church.

If you need someone to watch the kids, Mofia will be providing concurrent childcare services as well. For only $10, your children will enjoy their own fun-filled evening complete with games, dinner and a movie.

Chow Time Menu

  • Dimitri’s famous BBQ Ribs (1/2 rack baby back per person)
  • Pork & beans
  • Twice baked potato
  • Cornbread
  • Brownie Sundae

Tickets go on sale at our corporate gatherings soon. Why don’t you do something thoughtful for your significant other and Mofia, and have some boot-stompin fun at the same time?


Who: Couples (with or without the kids)!
What: Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two, sponsored by MOFIA, the student ministry of Spirit Life Church.
Where: The main gathering area at Spirit Life Church in Piqua. Click here for directions.
When: Saturday, February 16th at 6PM. Tickets go on sale soon.
Contact: If you have any questions about the Valentine’s Dinner for Two, email or just post a comment on this blog post.

Laughing Gals

Attention Ladies

Laughing Gals is the newest life group from Spirit Life Church. This is a group for ladies of all ages who want to laugh together, pray for one another and live life communally.

If you’re looking for a group where you can be yourself and have a great time, look no further than the laughing gals!

Laughing Gals meets once per month. Venue and times change so be sure to speak with a concierge at one of the morning gatherings or contact the laughing gals via email for more info.


What: The Laughing Gals—a fellowship group for ladies of all ages.
Where: The location of this group varies each month. Talk with a concierge or a group member to find out where the next fun outing will be.
When: Monthly.
Contact: If you have any questions about the Laughing Gals, email the group or simply post a comment on this blog post.

Zombie Fest

Red Alert! Join the ranks of the UNdead at Zombie Fest, presented by Mofia.

This message is not for the weak hearted. A New Creation is performing live in concert, Zombie Fest, at Spirit Life Church located in Piqua, Ohio. Call (513) 594-5654 to reserve your spot.

A New Creation mixes Progressive Rock with a powerful Christian message that challenges the listener. So come on out and let A New Creation do the talking while zombies do the walking.

Tickets in advance are $5. Tickets at the door are $7 or $5 if you come dressed as a zombie!

About A New Creation

After finishing their second full-length album, “Unravel”, A New Creation went on to win Lima OH’s “Battle of the Bands” and placed 2nd in Dayton OH’s BotB 2012 event. Along the way, the band has opened up for Jeremy Camp, Superchick, Fireflight and Building 429. Most recently, they led worship for 2012’s Illumination Festival with special guest speaker Mike Guzzardo.
A New Creation mixes Progressive Rock with a powerful Christian message by blending powerful lyrics which both challenge and uplift the listener while composing an instrumental landscape of creativity. We do what we do to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and our language just happens to be music.


What: Zombie Fest: Join the Ranks of the UNdead.
Where: Spirit Life Church in Piqua, Ohio. Click here for directions.
When: Saturday, October 27th at 7Pm.
Contact: If you have any questions about Zombie Fest, email us or contact Rose Werntz @ 513-594-5654.


Howdy Y’all!!

Join us in celebrating heritage and foundational principles of our fath, this Sunday at Spirit Life Church!

The corporate gathering on Sunday, March 11th will feature an old-fashioned, full blue grass band for praise and worship led by gospel vocalist Laconda Couch Parks. In addition to this special musical treat, Ps. Ken will kick off his new series, Roots, with a lively discussion of the Rugged Cross.

The cross of Jesus was truly the apex of human existence. It is the place that God demonstrated His unconditional love for us. Calvary is the place where Jesus became a substitutionary sacrifice for us all. This substitution created a situation in which God the Father could be satisfied, reconciling all of mankind to himself!

Our discussion of the rugged cross, its power and its relevancy for today continues this Sunday at Roots.


What: Roots, a new series from Spirit Life Church. The series will kick off Sunday, March 11th with a special Bluegrass worship service and the rugged cross.
Where: Spirit Life Church in Piqua. Click here for directions.
When: Corporate gatherings at 10:30AM.
Contact: If you have any questions about Roots, send us an email or post a comment on this blog post.