Go! Children’s Ministry Update

Go! Children’s Ministry Update from Lynne Focht for Spring 2014:

The staff and team members of GO! Children’s Ministry are excited to serve your family by providing quality Sunday School classes. Each week we strive to cultivate an environment where your children are safe, happy, and engaged in learning and activities.

“GO!” stands for “loving God, loving Others” and we try to instill these two main principles into everything we do.

Mark your calendars for the following important dates coming up over the coming Spring weeks:

Children’s Ministry Pizza Party (during regular service)
Sunday March 30th

As an incentive for attending Sunday School, the GO! kids have been adding links to a paper chain, with the promise of a pizza party when it reaches the front of the church. They are excited to watch it grow and have been looking forward to the party for some time.

GO Children’s Ministry Meeting
Sunday April 6th

This carry-in meeting will be held in the café following the morning gathering. It is a great opportunity to join our enthusiastic team of volunteers! If you have a heart for kids and can make a once-a-month commitment, you might be just the role model we are looking for! Help make a difference in the life of a GO! kid this season!

Candy Collection
For Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

We are once again planning a spectacular Easter Egg hunt for the children and can use your help in our “Candy Drive.” We would gratefully appreciate your donations of candy or other small trinkets to fill our plastic eggs. We will be able to take donations until April 13th!

You Can Help!

If you are interested in helping with any of the above events, or have any questions or suggestions regarding the children’s department, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Lynne@spiritlifechurch.us or by cell at 937-418-4413.

Thank you for the privilege of looking after your children!


Go! is the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church.

Go! Kids Movie Night

Go! Kids Movie Night and Pizza Party

Go! Children’s Ministry is happy to offer a fun-filled night for the kids of Spirit Life Church.

Drop off the kids for the evening and finish up your last minute Christmas shopping or just enjoy a quiet evening at home. Whatever you choose to do with the evening, don’t miss out on this opportunity for free babysitting in a positive, fun environment.

Your kids will be treated to a movie, pizza, games and crafts from 5 to 8Pm on Friday, December 20th.

Sign-up in the Go! Children’s ministry from now until the weekend before the event.


Who: Go! Kids
What: Movie night and pizza party.
Where: Go! Children’s Ministry at Spirit Life Church.
When: Friday, December 20 from 5 to 8Pm.
Contact: If you have a question about the Go! movie night, email lynne@spiritlifechurch.us or just post a comment on this blog post.


Go! is the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church. Click here for more information.

Splish Splash

Promotion Sunday 2013

Promotion Sunday will take place on August 4 celebrate the children who are “graduating” from the children’s department and those moving up to the next class. This year we will be having a “Wacky Water” theme. (Warning – you will get wet!) I am counting on as many volunteers as possible to pitch in and help. It is going to be awesome and the kids are so excited to have a special fun day!

Some activities for the day include:

  • Dimitri’s famous BBQ Ribs (1/2 rack baby back per person)
  • Water balloon and squirt gun wars
  • Giant inflatable water slide
  • Dunk tank
  • Bubbles for the youngest children
  • Games
  • Slip ‘n Slide

Please email directly at Lynne@spiritlifechurch.us or text at 937-418-4413 if I can count on you to help us make the day awesome! If you know someone who doesn’t currently volunteer with the children’s department but would still like to help out, please pass this on to them as well. The more help the better. I am hoping for a huge turnout!

– Lynne Focht


Go! is the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church.

Volunteerism by Lynne Focht

The following is a guest blog by Lynne Focht, Children’s Director at Spirit Life Church.


Lynne Focht

Kids hold a special place in my heart, always have and always will. I love being able to work with our church’s kids and see their spiritual growth each Sunday, as well as their enthusiasm for learning. Running “GO!” our children’s ministry, is not an easy task, but a very rewarding one. We teach kids from ages 6 weeks to 6 schedule of volunteers. So that leads me to my next thought – volunteerism. I was approached and asked to write this blog on volunteerism, and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write. Help us? It’s not that bad? Kids are cool? All true but I had better dig a little deeper and reflect on my own volunteering and why I do it.

I volunteer at my son’s school, Nicklin Learning Center, each week, because they need me to. Do I always skip out of the house wearing a smile on my drive there? Not exactly, but once I arrive and those kindergartners hug me I know I’m where I belong. The teachers actively seek parent volunteers to help out with everything from field trips to computer testing.

I learned to be a volunteer from my mother, who is a volunteer CASA/GAL worker, which is a court appointed child advocate for foster kids. Basically, she follows one or two foster kids at a time and makes sure their needs are being met and they are in the best home available. We learn from our role models, and my mom is one of my biggest influences.

So, needing more information, I Googled “what does the Bible say about volunteerism?” and found there to be 176 verses! If you are striving to be more Christ-like in your actions, then perhaps you might read up on this area. My personal favorite comes from James 2:14-24:

James 2:14-24:
What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.

I really don’t think it is enough for us to just show up to church each week. If we really want to make a difference in this world, then we need to actively seek good works to do. Like volunteering 🙂

Another way to look at volunteering is to consider the personal benefits. According to leading experts, dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills. Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Reducing the risk of depression is another important benefit of volunteering. A key risk factor for depression is social isolation. Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system, which in turn protects you against stress and depression when you’re going through challenging times.

Studies have found that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not, even when considering factors like the health of the participants. Volunteering has also been shown to lessen symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease.

Considering the great benefits to volunteering, why wouldn’t everyone do it? Well, I think it’s because we fall into a trap of excuses, like we don’t have enough time in our schedules, or we donate money, so doesn’t that count as a good deed?! Or we will volunteer, if someone asks.

The truth is making time in your life to volunteer probably won’t happen unless you commit to doing it. So we are asking you directly – help us! The children of Spirit Life Church need you!

We are in need of energetic and caring people to work in all classes in the children’s department. Your commitment would be minimal – most of our volunteers work only one Sunday a month from 9:45 – 12:15. What would you be doing exactly? You would be leading a class or co-teaching with another volunteer. You do not have to bring any supplies or prepare lessons. Everything will be ready for you when you arrive. All we ask is that you be reliable and enthusiastic. Kids do notice when a teacher really isn’t into “it”. You do not have to be afraid; we will train you with another experienced person until you get one or two under your belt.

And gentlemen, yes, we need you too! Positive male role models are so important in today’s society. We already have a couple of great guys working with the kids, so you won’t be alone.

If you are at all interested in volunteering on one of our three classes, or would just like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Lynne@spiritlifechurch.us.

Thank you!


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Go! Children’s Ministry Update

Go! Children’s Ministry Update from Lynne Focht:

Superheros in Training

Welcome to our special superhero training facility – aka GO! Children’s ministry. I am so excited to present the unit for this month – “Becoming a Superhero for God”. Your kids will be learning character developing lessons, such as being truthful, forgiving others, and standing up for what is right. These biblical principles are presented in a fun and engaging way, balanced with superhero crafts and games, as well as snack time.

Your children are very special to us and we enjoy every Sunday with them. We are so pleased to be able to partner with you in their spiritual teaching!

What’s New in the Nursery

Our youngest members will be engaged in a unit that focuses on what we do at church. They will learn that at church we sing, we pray, we thank God, and we are friends. These lessons include songs, hands-on activities and plenty of play time! Thank you for trusting our capable hands with you precious babies!

Pre-K to 1st Grade

We are presenting Bible lessons in a fun and age-appropriate way to this special age group! We encourage play time, building social skills, games, arts and crafts, and story time. We also have a special classroom friend – Ziggy the mailman – who brings a letter each week to the children.

This month we will focus on never giving up doing good work, telling the truth, giving generously of ourselves, and following through on what we say.

Kids will be building their characters while learning special Bible stories!

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Talk about Superheroes! What a great group of kids we have in our oldest class!

We are excited to be teaching them to stand up for what is right, forgive others, be humble, and what it means to be a loyal person and follower. We love our older kids and encourage plenty of time for building friendships through games, crafts, and snack time!


Go! is the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church.

Go! Children’s Ministry

The following is a blog from Lynne Focht, Spirit Life Church’s new children’s ministry director.

Children’s ministry in a word – go! – loving God, loving Others.

Welcome to Spirit Life Church’s Children’s Ministry!

We are pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to minister to your child. We count it a great privilege and look forward to developing a relationship with each and every parent!

We believe that God has given the first responsibility of children to parents; therefore, we see our role as a partnership with parents in leading their children into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe learning should be fun! Each week we strive to present the message of Jesus in fun and creative ways. Your child will experience teaching that is age-appropriate and fun filled.

Go represents the idea of teaching our children that God loves them through innovative and exciting activities that are sure to be fun-filled! At Spirit Life Church we promise:

  • A safe environment from our new sign-in procedures to our practices in monitoring your children. We strive to maintain clean playrooms that are welcoming in every way!
  • A child-centered approach to delivering the message. We divide our kids into three age groups to best meet their needs. The curriculum follows a new theme each month that children can appreciate and meets them at their level. We want our kids to love Sundays and know that they are welcome at church!
  • Variety – we provide a variety of activities centered on the lesson theme. We love arts and crafts, games, music, snacks and even science experiments. We like to keep the children engaged in activities that teach, inspire, build teamwork and fellowship, and bring His word to our kids in a way in which they can relate.

Children’s ministry is one of the most important endeavors of our church and we want nothing but the best for our kids. We are staffed by an amazing group of volunteers who truly love what they do each Sunday in the Children’s Department. So come check us out—we can’t wait to show you the great things happening in go!


Lynne Focht
Lynne is the director of Go!, the new children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church.


Get ready to dive deep into God’s Word!

Scuba is the exciting new Winter/Spring curriculum from Vision Quest, the children’s ministry of Spirit Life Church. At Scuba, your kids will have oceans of fun! They’ll dive into exciting Bible adventures, make cool crafts, sing super songs and play awesome games!

Scuba represents the first module in an innovative approach to children’s ministry that promises to be a theme-driven, compelling and refreshing change of pace for kids and parents alike. Scuba and the curricula that follow will be experiential and interactive and are sure to excite your kids about learning and growing in their relationship with God. Scuba is designed to help train children to know and trust God and to share that love with others.

To really make Scuba a success, Vision Quest needs your help. Stop by the Needs Net, located in the main VQ hallway to see what supplies Scuba still needs. Another way you can help out is volunteering. If you’d like to be a part of the Scuba team, talk with a representative at the sign-in area!

What are you waiting for? All aboard for an exciting Bible adventure!


Who: Vision Quest Kids!
What: Scuba, a refreshing new approach to children’s ministry from Vision Quest.
Where: Sunday mornings at Vision Quest, the children’s ministry of Spirit Life Church in Piqua. Click here for directions.
When: Scuba runs concurrently with our Sunday morning corporate gatherings from February 5th to April 22nd.
Contact: If you have any questions about Scuba, email the Scuba team or just post a comment on this blog post.

Annual VQ Promotion Sunday

The Vision Quest Children’s Ministry presents Promotion Sunday!

Our kids grow up so fast, don’t they? That’s why Spirit Life Church believes the milestones in a child’s life are a big deal and should be treated accordingly.

Promotion Sunday is our attempt to do just that. This is an annual event sponsored by Vision Quest, the children’s ministry of our church, that celebrates the growing up process of the youngsters at Spirit Life. Each year Vision Quest organizes a morning of games, prizes, treats and other activities. Children throughout the area are invited to take part in the fun.

This year, Promotion Sunday will feature demonstrations from the Piqua fire department. In addition to enjoying tours of the PFD truck, games and contests will include tug of war and slip ‘n’ slide. We will also have face painting, cotton candy and snow cones.

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” [Psalms 127:3, NLT]

Vision Quest is always looking for team members to help make the children’s ministry at Spirit Life Church rich, relevant and vibrant. If you would like to lend a hand at this years Promotion Sunday or help VQ in some other way, contact Bridget Batdorf, Vision Quest leadership team member.


Who: The Vision Quest Children’s Ministry.

What: Celebrating the milestones in our kid’s lives with food, games and other activities.

Where: Spirit Life Church in Piqua. Click here for directions.

When: Sunday, June 26th. Promotion Sunday will run concurrently with the Sunday morning gathering.

Contact: Bridget Batdorf, Vision Quest leadership team member. If you have any questions about Promotion Sunday, feel free to send them along to bridget@spiritlifechurch.us, chat with a concierge at the info center or a ask VQ teacher during a corporate weekend gathering.