Easter 2011

What a great time of year to be a believer!

The Easter season is an important time for us to reflect on the awesome sacrifice Christ made when He died for our sins. This sacrifice was the single greatest, selfless act in the history of the world and very foundation of faith for every believer.

Beyond His death, we are also reminded that He didn’t just die, but rose again, thereby creating a way for every person on Earth to connect with God!

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” [John 11:25-26 , NIV]

Join the Spirit Life family for a special time of reflection, devotion and worship as we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection this Easter Sunday, April 24th, at 10:30am. The gathering will begin with a time of corporate worship, followed with communion and special reflection on the the crucifixion of Christ.

With more people attending church on Easter than any other day of the year, this gathering is a special opportunity to invite loved ones who don’t have a relationship with Jesus to hear the greatest story of redemption to ever take place—pray and expect a true touch from God!

Questions: If you have any questions about our Easter Sunday service, please send them to Jessie Johnson or stop by the info center and chat with the Spirit Life Church concierge serving there.

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New Series: The Person of Jesus

On Sunday, August 22nd, Spirit Life Church began a new sermon series titled: The Person of Jesus: the historic Jesus, the exalted Christ.

In the series Ps. Ken will explore the importance of knowing the historic Jesus verses the exalted Christ in the life of a believer. Our Savior came as a man, indwelt by God and was simultaneously fully man and fully the divine Son of God. He gave us a perfect picture of our lives and roles as both people and believers. It is vital to understand both His divinity and His human nature in order to navigate our struggle through humanity and function in our role as Christ’s followers.

This teaching will run through the month of August, September and October. More details about specific topics and directions will follow. Click here to listen to messages from The Person of Jesus at the Spirit Life Church website.

Fish Story

Sometimes you do everything right in a logical sense but fail to get the results you expect. You’re making good choices, doing the proper planning, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s but you fall flat on your face.

Then Jesus comes along and tells you to do something radical that makes no sense—like fish in the Sea of Galilee in the middle of the day. If you’re a fisherman you know that this isn’t the best time to catch fish. That’s especially true in the middle east.

But if you listen, God shows you how you can’t do anything beside him. It’s discipleship 101—having faith in God when the situation seems all wrong. Can you trust God when you can’t track Him?

Can you trust God in disappointing times? Can you trust God when you’re all in and it’s not working? I hope you can because obedience is better than sacrifice.

To listen to the full audio of this sermon head over to the Spirit Life Church website and click on the media link.

New YouTube videos

Hello everyone.

In October, I began a series titled 1 Flesh at Spirit Life Church.

The series was a practical look at marriage and relationships and what husbands and wives can do for each other to build a stronger union.

Here’s a short video clip from the series:

You can listen to the entire series on the media page of our church website.