Cross Culture: Current Series

Culture is a powerful force that can ignite movements and energize entire nations! It has the ability to effortlessly organize and motivate us around the values or goals of our community. It’s so persuasive in fact, that by the time we’re adults, we adhere to the standards and practices of our culture almost instinctively—when was the last time you observed someone riding an elevator facing backwards?!

Within the greater context of a region, every group, company and organization has a unique culture. Therefore, by design or by default, every church has a unique culture.

Cultivating a vibrant, Biblical culture is vital to uniting this church around a simple mission—to connect our community to Christ and to one another. That is our purpose.

We are first and foremost focused on presenting the Gospel in a manner that fosters genuine relationships with Jesus Christ! Secondly, we are striving to build a strong community of fellowship and love, where we live our lives together and work to implement the model of the earliest New Testament Christians.

“And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common” [Acts 2:44 , NASB]

Cross Culture is the current series of teachings about the culture that must grow and flourish at Spirit Life Church—a God-designed culture that will carry this community beyond our four walls to the streets—making disciples, sharing our resources and living our lives with one another.

Cross Culture values our mission above all and contends for it at all costs.

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