I Am My Brother’s Keeper

I Am My Brothers Keeper

The heroin and opioid epidemic that has attacked our nation and what's more alarming is that much of the problem is due to our very own healthcare and pharmaceutical system. When it comes to this illness we must be diligent and utilize all of the tools at our disposal

Naloxone Training
Join Us Sunday, December 3rd and/or Thursday, November 2 at 4:30 to get free training in Narcan® administration. Sessions are free and who knows, taking that 30-45 minutes of time to learn about this medication may lead to saving a life someday.

That's why Spirit Life Church is partnering with DAWN, a community-based overdose education and naloxone distribution program, to bring Narcan® to the Piqua area. Our community is suffering and otherwise bright futures are being destroyed by a drug culture that has largely been stigmatized by the media, our cities and even Christians.

No more. There is hope for heroin and we want to be a part of the life-saving solution. No more will we bicker about the merits of saving our fellow human being. Few families have remained untouched by this issue.

Deaths are rising at an alarming rate. Even more disheartening is that an increasing proportion of these deaths are accidental overdoses due to more powerful drugs being used in heroin preparation. In fact, overdose deaths from narcotic drugs has more than doubled in our state since 2012. This is illustrated in the following figure.

Narcotic Deaths on the Rise
Your Humanity Demands Action

No doubt the solution to our nations opioid appetite will be multi-faceted and complex, employing many different points of view and camps of thought and it will require a plurality of people and professionals to solve this dilemma.

The pandemeic of opioid and opiate addiction has grown at an alarming rate over the past decade. Recently Naloxone, a proprietary adrenaline injector similar to an Epipen has joined our box of tools and is proving an effective, life saving treatment for heroin overdoses.

While many criticize these "junkies" evidence overwhelmingly shows that when combined with an appropriate treatment program the use of Naloxone and as a life saving measure, combined with therapy and enrollment in a substance abuse program are extremely effective against this very habit-forming drug.

The story is all too common. Due to misleading pharmaceutical advertisements in the 1990s and early 200s Oxycontin and other narcotic pain killers were touted as safe, effective and non-habit forming.

This is why so many addicts started out as patients. We failed these individuals as a society and it would show a gross lack of moral-responsibility to assume that both the pharmaceutical companies and society at large should not be responsible for helping save lives.

These lives were destroyed by a misrepresentation of the addictive potential of a widely written prescription following relatively routine medical procedures and surgeries.

Lend a Hand

There are lots of ways you can help support our mission. First off, get certified and trained to administer Noloxone to the growing number of heroin and related narcotic ODs.

A Project Dawn representative will be with us on Sunday, December 3, during the normal 11:00 morning gathering time.

Plan to be there so you can be trained in this life saving technology and then volunteer at one of our outreaches and lend a shoulder for the cause: your fellow man

Give online to help support our hot meal program and Naloxone treatment coordination.

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