Laughing Gals Yoga

The following is a guest blog by Cheryl Stripling Wyatt, who is graciously leading Yoga classes Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Spirit Life Church.

When Yoga found me…
…my life was hectic
…my stress level was high
…my mind was busy
…my body felt stiff with aches and pains

Does this sound like any of you? Discovering Yoga was the gate that opened my awareness to the potential of finding the inner peace and solitude that allowed me to ‘slow down’. Through yoga I have learned, and continue to learn each day, the roles that my mind and body share in my day to day activities. Yoga has allowed me to put life’s daily grind into perspective. I have learned to quite my mind so that I can bring awareness to my divine internal voice instead of listening to the static filled world around me.

Most people identify yoga with the pictures of people in contorted positions on the front of yoga magazines. This only represents a small, and might I add, extreme illusion of what yoga truly is. In reality, Yoga is a four layer process of:

  • Physical – What most people practice for
  • Physiological: Internal reflection
  • Connection: Recognizing our connection to the outside world
  • Spiritual: Very personal

What Yoga IS NOT:

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