Life Writes Its Own Lesson Plans

The following is an excerpt by Minister Mark A. Albert from his upcoming book, Living an Examined Life. Mark has graciously agreed to allow this blog to share some of his work. Enjoy.


There are, without a doubt, certain invisible laws that exist within the universe. For instance, there is the “law of cause and effect.” Certain actions or conditions can, and inevitably will, cause reactions to follow. To know these things ahead of time can make life much easier.

An example? “Because there was ice on the road, the car slid into the ditch.” Well, if you know that the temperatures and weather conditions are such that there might be ice on the road, you should altar your normal driving pattern in order to adjust. If you don’t, well… the law of cause and effect will have its way with you. In other words, life will get more difficult. It is much easier to listen to a driving instructor “teach” this information than it is to deal with the consequence of ignoring it and ultimately paying the high price of both life and property. There are many things, which fall under the purview of cause and effect. Because he was drinking… Because they were intimate with one another… Because he drove 100 mph… You can fill in the blanks, as to the effects that will occur.

There is also the invisible “law of sowing and reaping.” If you sow, as in a seed, an action, an attitude, you will reap exactly what you have sown. You don’t plant corn and expect wheat to grow in your field; so, too, an attitude or an action. You don’t plant anger and expect love in return. You don’t plant infidelity and expect fidelity. You don’t steal and expect freedom.

Life, with these universal laws, will write its own lesson plans in response. It is, indeed, a harsh taskmaster. We don’t get to choose the end results, the consequences. Some get off easy, like only wrecking the car, but life is spared. Others are not so fortunate. Either way, the lesson will be taught and a price will be demanded. So… nurture, teach, instruct, and train those who are willing to listen, but do not become distraught about those who refuse. Life has its own, unique, teaching style. It has a way of instructing those who will not learn any other way, and it is extremely effective at its job.

One final thought… we must not interrupt those harsh lessons, by easing the effects of consequences. The consequences themselves are a part of the essential tutorial. If we rescue people from their choices, and the consequences of their choices, we are enabling their behavior.

Galations 6:7-8
Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

A Clever Teaching Style
A poem by Minister Mark A. Albert

Nurture, teach, instruct, and train,
All those who care to listen,
But ne’er become distraught or pained,
‘bout those who fail the lessons.

Life has a clever teaching style
From which it will not vary.
If you run from wisdoms words,
Its lesson plans won’t tarry.

Experience? A harsh task master;
But effective in its career.
So learn your lesson the easy way,
And to sound advice, adhere.

If you run wild, and do your thing,
Popping off, acting out, being crass.
Life’s not afraid of your running mouth,
It will gladly kick your SASS!!!!

If those who love you understand…
You will live in your creation.
Relieving the consequence, of your choice,
Will destroy your life’s foundation.

So learn from mentors, family, friends,
Each lesson that they bring.
For if you fail sound judgment’s quiz,
Life’s waiting in the wings.


Minister Mark A. Albert is a board member and long time friend of Spirit Life Church. He is currently working on a book of wise prose and poetry called Living an Examined Life.

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