Love and Respect

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The following is a poem by Minister Mark A. Albert from his upcoming book, Living an Examined Life. Over the coming months Minister Albert has graciously agreed to allow this blog to share some of his work. Enjoy.


Love and Respect
By Mark A. Albert

Just give and you will get it:
A requirement for love’n respect!
It’s what we hear consistently:
Don’t just ask… expect!

But, do we seek from a man
Things he’s never observed?
Can we demand from him,
What he’s never learned?

Don’t presume a Picasso,
If they’ve never seen a palette.
Don’t expect a Vivaldi,
When all they have’s a mallet.

Respect is something modeled…
Mentored from childhood days.
Not something which is required,
Of those who know not its ways.

Respect them, though they struggle.
Love them, though they’ve no fans.
Respect them, because they are human.
Love them, and show it first hand.

When they’ve seen us model,
Only then can we demand!!!
When we’ve been a mentor,
Only then can we take a stand!!!


Minister Mark A Albert is a great friend and valued community member of Spirit Life Church. He is currently working on a book of wise prose and poetry called Living an Examined Life.

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