Howdy Y’all!!

Join us in celebrating heritage and foundational principles of our fath, this Sunday at Spirit Life Church!

The corporate gathering on Sunday, March 11th will feature an old-fashioned, full blue grass band for praise and worship led by gospel vocalist Laconda Couch Parks. In addition to this special musical treat, Ps. Ken will kick off his new series, Roots, with a lively discussion of the Rugged Cross.

The cross of Jesus was truly the apex of human existence. It is the place that God demonstrated His unconditional love for us. Calvary is the place where Jesus became a substitutionary sacrifice for us all. This substitution created a situation in which God the Father could be satisfied, reconciling all of mankind to himself!

Our discussion of the rugged cross, its power and its relevancy for today continues this Sunday at Roots.


What: Roots, a new series from Spirit Life Church. The series will kick off Sunday, March 11th with a special Bluegrass worship service and the rugged cross.
Where: Spirit Life Church in Piqua. Click here for directions.
When: Corporate gatherings at 10:30AM.
Contact: If you have any questions about Roots, send us an email or post a comment on this blog post.

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