Success is a Little by Little Event

The following is an excerpt by Minister Mark A. Albert from his upcoming book, Living an Examined Life. Mark has graciously agreed to allow this blog to share some of his work. Enjoy.


Life works much better for us if we develop a patient, progressive, plan that helps us grow our wisdom, our project, our career, and our family. An unhurried approach is the most prudent path.

Historically, in the year 1445 B.C., when the Hebrews came out of Egyptian bondage, they were not ready to inherit the vast land that we know as Israel today. They had been slaves for over 400 years and had not been properly trained or educated; they had not learned to live a liberated life. They didn’t know anything about being landowners, farmers, ranchers, or entrepreneurs. When they came out of Egypt, free for the first time in centuries, they were told that they needed to take possession of their new “Promised Land,” in a gradual manner. They were encouraged to go “little by little” into the land until they were fully ready to take complete control of their vast inheritance. So, a little by little approach is how they grew into a great nation.

We, like Israel, must stop looking for the quick fixes, and the windfalls. We must embrace the gradual, slow growth, plan that brings experience and expertise along the way. How can we possibly be expected to handle the big things if we don’t know how to do the little things, yet? We can’t! As a result, we must reject the “win the lottery” lifestyle. Slow, steady growth brings real success.

This patient plan applies to every area of life, including real, productive change in a human being. Change is not a cataclysmic moment, no matter how emotional the decision or how life altering the event. The real change will happen over time, after the emotion has worn off, as we grow bit-by-bit daily.

Exodus 23:30
Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.

A Champions Place
A poem by Minister Mark A. Albert

A Champion’s Pace

Little by little’s
How victory arrives,
Eschew the plan,
That quick fix contrives.
We search for windfall,
And lottery deals,
Like those who hunger,
Seek microwave meals.
But plans and programs
That seek change fast,
Seldom succeed,
Infrequently last.

It’s time, and patience,
Hard work, and skill,
Which brings the prize,
And pushes the will.
You see, slow and steady’s
A champion’s pace,
Cause the contest we’re in,
Is a life long race.
So, eschew the plan,
That quick fix contrives,
For, little by little’s
How victory arrives.


Minister Mark A. Albert is a board member and long time friend of Spirit Life Church. He is currently working on a book of wise prose and poetry called Living an Examined Life.

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