Perfect Power

The Ignite conference at Spirit Life Church is just days away. What an exciting time to be a believer! I’m believing with the entire Spirit Life Church community that the Holy Spirit will come and ignite something fresh in all of our lives, meeting our inadequacies with His perfect power!

1 John 5:5, NIV:
Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

In this passage John reminds us that our victory over the world is our faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. In other words, our victory over anything and everything opposed to God is found in our relationship with Jesus because in this context, our imperfect faith is met by His perfect power!

Think about the miracles of Jesus in Matthew 9. Jesus heals Jarius’ daughter after he pleads for help. Then Jesus encounters a woman who had suffered with an issue of blood for twelve years and heals her. Later, He heals two blind men who pleaded for the Son of David to “have mercy” on them.

When I think about the acts of Christ in this passage, I can’t help but focus on the stark contrast between the total inadequacy of these individuals, compared with the complete sufficiency of the Master’s touch—a theme that runs through the entire chapter.

Jarius, a ruler in the synagogue and devout Jew, would have had clear tendencies to be skeptical of Jesus. The religious institution of the day stood in stark opposition to Jesus, declaring His teachings to be heretical and condemning Him as a blasphemer. And Jarius was a leader in this institution! From these facts I can only conclude that Jarius wanted something from Jesus without acknowledging His divinity and status as Messiah. His motives were inadequate. In spite of this, we find that the insufficiency of the seeker was irrelevant as Jesus entered Jarius’ house and raised his daughter from the dead!

If we combine the synoptic accounts where Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood, we learn that this woman had exhausted all of her options—all of her resources and strength were spent trying to find a cure and as a last-ditch resort, she pressed in towards Jesus. Upon seeing her Jesus says, “take heart, daughter, your faith has healed you.” Jesus reminds us that it’s not important how we come, so long as we do come—this simple act provokes God to meet our inadequacies with His perfect love and power!

Finally, Jesus encounters two blind men crying out for the Son of David. Interestingly, this is a title that Christ Himself never confirms. He was the Son of God. Put more clearly, the theology of these men was inadequate and their perception of Christ was incorrect. You could even argue that they were merely parroting what they had heard others shout. That they were trying to reach Jesus, without knowing Jesus. Again, despite their inadequacies, Jesus injects His perfect power into their lives and heals them on the spot! As important as doctrine is in the life of a believer, this reminds us that He transcends our inability to have everything right all the time.

These are just examples of God’s perfect power to affect the imperfect human nature. I’m trusting for this same power to show up at our Ignite conference and meet the needs of many next week. Will you believe with me?

In the meantime, be encouraged and don’t get caught up on your inadequacies. He isn’t!

– Ps. Ken


Pastor Ken is the senior pastor of Spirit Life Church. You can hear his messages online at the media page of Spirit Life Church’s website or by subscribing to his weekly podcast sermon podcast.