Laughing Gals Yoga

The following is a guest blog by Cheryl Stripling Wyatt, who is graciously leading Yoga classes Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Spirit Life Church.

When Yoga found me…
…my life was hectic
…my stress level was high
…my mind was busy
…my body felt stiff with aches and pains

Does this sound like any of you? Discovering Yoga was the gate that opened my awareness to the potential of finding the inner peace and solitude that allowed me to ‘slow down’. Through yoga I have learned, and continue to learn each day, the roles that my mind and body share in my day to day activities. Yoga has allowed me to put life’s daily grind into perspective. I have learned to quite my mind so that I can bring awareness to my divine internal voice instead of listening to the static filled world around me.

Most people identify yoga with the pictures of people in contorted positions on the front of yoga magazines. This only represents a small, and might I add, extreme illusion of what yoga truly is. In reality, Yoga is a four layer process of:

  • Physical – What most people practice for
  • Physiological: Internal reflection
  • Connection: Recognizing our connection to the outside world
  • Spiritual: Very personal

What Yoga IS NOT:

Craft Night

A night of fun, fellowship and creativity.

Craft Night is a group for fun-loving, creative types of all ages who want to hang out and work on some art-based entertainment in the company of friends. This group meets in THE CAFE at Spirit Life Church twice monthly on Wednesday evenings. Projects so far have included handmade paper, bath fizzies, sugar scrubs, and natural lip balm.

To practice for making handmade Christmas cards, the craft group will be making paper. We will have tools, blenders and various supplies available, but feel free to bring anything and everything that could be useful in making paper.

For a list of ideas or to RSVP visit the Facebook event page here.


Who: Crafty, creative or curious folks that want to make something with their friends.
What: Craft night!
Where: The Cafe at Spirit Life Church in Piqua. Click here for directions.
When: Wednesday, October 26th at 6PM.
Contact: If you have any questions about craft night, call/text Hannah Clark @ 937-570-7852.

Bootcamp: A New Fitness Life Group

Greetings Spirit Life!

Like most people, the holiday season and winter months have probably left you with a few extra pounds. Well, get ready to drop that winter gain life-group style! Bootcamp is a new, fitness-oriented group at Spirit Life Church. This group will meet on Sunday afternoons following the corporate gathering and will engage in various aerobic and cross-training activities. Bootcamp sessions are open to individuals of all ages and will offer a variety of options and routines for a wide range of fitness levels.

Bootcamp will be led by Terry Purdue who has years of experience training and working out and, more importantly, is just an all-around great guy! Terry has an impressive ability to engage people where they are, encouraging them along the way and motivating them towards better health. Plan on participating in an upcoming Bootcamp session beginning April 17th and see for yourself!

Whether you’re a fitness pro or the winter months have left you a little soft, Bootcamp is a safe place for you to improve your physical fitness while building valuable relationships in a true, Biblical community. Sign-up at the info center this weekend!

Who: Anyone who wants to achieve better fitness in a safe, community setting.
What: Bootcamp: A fitness oriented life group at Spirit Life Church.

Where: Spirit Life Church. 8527 N County Road 25A in Piqua, Ohio. See the map below for more info/driving directions or click here to see our life group location Google Map.

When: Sunday afternoons.

Contact: Terry Purdue, Group Leader, 937/369.8187 or

Questions: If you have any questions about Bootcamp, you may contact group leader Terry Purdue directly, send an email to or stop by the info center and chat with a Spirit Life Church concierge.