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For the past few weeks, my sermon series has been The Person of Jesus: The historic Jesus, the Exalted Christ. These are not two different people, but two distinct dimensions of the Son of God. As a man indwelt by God, His message is told by eye witness account—men who walked with Him and knew Him. They knew the historic Jesus on a personal level. As awesome a privilege as this level of acquaintance would be, we will never know our Lord in this way. We, like the Apostle Paul on his Damascus journey, have only met the Exalted Christ, the victor of death and Hell.

Why is this distinction important? Without a proper understanding of the man Jesus, His culture and His context, we are bound to change His doctrine to suit an ever changing and evolving world. We need this understanding to maintain a relevant message of the cross to each generation and every culture. The beauty of the Gospel message lies in it’s simplicity and power—Jesus wasn’t gimmicky, He didn’t seek recognition or fame and His message was in no way self-serving. Jesus was a real man, indwelt by God, who ministered to people in an unimaginably awesome way.

My fear is that too many modern day teachers and preachers have moved their messages and beliefs from Christ-centered to self-centered. These teachings promote principles, formulas and the call or “measure” of a man’s giftedness and leave out altogether our responsibility to nurture our relationship with Christ. In our iconic society, it seems as though everyone is seeking stardom instead of the bright and morning star. The message of Jesus is missing from our churches and without it, we will never be able to impact the world as we are called.

Spend time with Jesus every day. Study His word and learn from His example. Abraham Lincoln said, “God must love ordinary people, because he made so many of them.” You don’t have to be a superstar preacher to know Christ and serve others. I thank God for the simplicity of the Gospel message and His saving grace. My prayer is that you do also.

– Ps. Ken


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