The Winding Way

The following is a poem by Minister Mark A. Albert from his upcoming book, Living an Examined Life. Mark has graciously agreed to allow this blog to share some of his work. Enjoy.

The Winding Way
By Mark A. Albert

Life is like a country road,
With curves and holes galore,
Adventures from their winding ways,
Share insights to explore.

It’s not on gentle highways,
Enlightenment is found.
On byways, course and craggy,
Great wisdom does abound.

Every bend and chuckhole,
Brings lessons truly taught.
So we must pay attention,
And not become distraught.

Each veer’n swerve contains within,
Britannica’s full knowledge.
The strength and wit that it reveals…
Is a hard knocks kind of college.

Each bump’s a lesson taught,
Professor Pothole… demands his say.
On every winding country road,
A degree will come our way.


Minister Mark A. Albert is a board member and long time friend of Spirit Life Church. He is currently working on a book of wise prose and poetry called Living an Examined Life.

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