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From studying the historical life of Jesus, one can easily see that his earth-bound ministry was filled with challenges. He was tempted in every area of His life, but remained sinless. Through His sacrifice we have a High Priest who understands our struggles—His victory created a way for all of us to live a victorious life.

Calling the life we achieve through Jesus victorious doesn’t mean it’s free from challenge, struggle and, at times, great sorrow. However, when we appropriate the manhood of Jesus and His bloodshed at Calvary, we gain the strength to press on and experience the greatness of the Exalted Christ in our lives, which, by the way, is the second part of this sermon series.

Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding in Cana when He was 30 years old. The wedding reception was out of wine and Jesus created more from ordinary water, I’m sure much to the excitement of the party guests. From this event onward the popularity of His ministry grew rapidly as His message spread. This single act began the manifestation of God’s Kingdom in the person of Jesus, but it also unlocked His enemies, who would follow Him all the way to the cross.

Like Jesus, all of us will deal with real life issues that become enemies to our peace and, sometimes, even our faith. These battles take many different forms and sizes. They can be financial problems, emotional distress, or physical sickness and disease. While we can’t always pick our battles, we can determine to fight them, as Jesus did, by and through the power of the Holy Spirit!

When I read about Jesus in scripture, I’m continually amazed by how He overcame every obstacle He crossed, no matter how large. He found a way to rise to the occasion and overcame, regardless of what He was facing. In His first encounter with water, He turns it into wine and changes its very nature. The next time He faces water, He masters it by walking on its surface. Finally, while He and the disciples are crossing the Sea of Galilee during a storm, He commands it by telling the waves to lay down.

Each time Jesus faced something it seemed to be more and more intense, but the outcome was the same. So I urge you to be encouraged, no matter what you’re facing. Because Jesus lived and lives, we can lead a victorious life, like Him. Remember, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil. 4:13, NKJV).

– Ps. Ken


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